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“How hard can it be to take down Facebook?” with Arnaud Henneville-Wedholm (video)

Mark Coopersmith has a fireside chat with Arnaud Henneville-Wedholm about Arnaud’s 6-year journey as co-founder of a startup whose mission was to create a *better* option to Facebook. We discuss Arnaud’s takeaways from that experience, and delve into the book Arnaud wrote about that failed venture: “How Hard Can It Be: Startup Lessons From Trying (And Failing) To Take Down Facebook.” (Answer: pretty hard).

Unlocking Innovation: Strategies from Silicon Valley CEOs (podcast and article)

I recently moderated an on-stage conversation in Silicon Valley with a group of four amazing and successful CEOs of very successful companies. This was the kickoff evening of a multi-day conference, and our objective was to lay out the topic of innovation as the core theme for the days that followed.

To to get things started I asked them each to share some personal perspectives and examples about how they unlock, drive and nurture innovation inside large organizations.  

Conversation with NASDAQ’s Nicola Corzine on Success & Failure (video)

I sat down recently at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center with its Executive Director Nicola Corzine for a wide-ranging conversation about my book “The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work.”   We discussed how failure manifests itself – and can also be used as a resource for innovation and growth...

Great evening with Guy Kawasaki discussing how to launch startups

I had a great time discussing startups – and how to launch them – with longtime friend, colleague and startup guru Guy Kawasaki at NASDAQ’s Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.  Great hospitality from the center’s exec director Nicola Corzine (seen with Guy and me below). Guy shared highlights from his recent updated version of the...

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On Fox News KTVU: Why the acquisition of Niman Ranch by Perdue Chicken wasn’t a surprise to me; plus other implications of the deal

Niman Ranch was recently acquired by Perdue Chicken. This seemed to surprise a lot of observers, but this was one I could see coming.  Want to see why?  And other implications for the food sector?  Check out my TV interview with KTVU Fox News reporter Jana Katsuyama.  Here’s a link to the KTVU story.  

“Live from Malaysia” on Radio 89.9 BFM: “The Other ‘F’ Word” and implications for global leaders

I had a fantastic trip through Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in August/September 2015. I met with business and government leaders throughout the region. One of my stops was at BFM Radio 89.9 where I sat down with their lead business reporter about “The Other”F” Word. Here’s a link to the conversation and podcast: