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A TED talk take on The Other “F” Word (video)

This is a TED-style 25 minute talk on my book The Other F Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work (co-authored with John Danner) about how to create a more productive relationship with failure to drive innovation and growth for individuals as well as companies large and small. This keynote address was recorded in Copenhagen in November 2019, at the Innovation Roundtable Global Summit, which is represented as the largest annual gathering of corporate innovation executives globally.

Winners and Losers in the Age of Automation by Mark Coopersmith

Winners and Losers in the Age of Automation (Video)

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Computers make decisions on their own and their logic now evolves and improves without human intervention. Robots operate independently. Our homes and cars and cities are increasingly connected and automated. The definition of “reality” blurs when we add the suffixes “virtual” or ‘augmented.” If you think technology-driven...

Mark Coopersmith Interview at Haas 2016

How Innovative Leaders Operate With a Startup Mindset (video)

I recently sat down with our Thought Leadership team at Haas and discussed the concept – and state of being – of having an entrepreneurial mindset.  What does that mean for entrepreneurs, as well as leaders inside large enterprises who are seeking to drive innovation, growth and change?  How do these types of leaders think...

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