I Just Launched My New Podcast (video)

I just launched a new podcast based on my book “The Other ‘F’ Word,” co-authored with my UC Berkeley colleague John Danner. And we cohost the podcast as well.

We figured if NOW wasn’t a good time to learn from our collective failures (goodbye and good riddance 2020), there might never be such a time.

Check it out.

The Other ‘F’ Word” Podcast – Ep #1 – The State of California, & Doordash IPO (Dec 28, 2020)

And already a juvenile 2021 has provided plenty of fodder to last us a while. What a s**t show in Washington this week. (You’ll probably find more on that in our upcoming podcast #2).

In each podcast, John and I discuss a recent failure we’ve each observed, along with some insights and suggestions. After all, we developed the seven-stage “Failure Value Cycle” for just this reason: to gain insights from failures and turn them into a tool for positive change.

We keep it short (<10 minutes), upbeat, and fun, with the occasional jab as well.

Would love to know what you think. “Failure suggestions” are welcome as well!

Addendum here are episodes 2 and 3!

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