Gravity, and how it can be a force for good (video)

Boeing has been in freefall for awhile now (“freefall” is probably a bad analogy for an aviation company), and this week announced their biggest loss ever and yet another delay in their space program and in the launch of their next big jet. In our latest Other F Word podcast, John and I dissect what went wrong, what to learn from it, and what we would recommend they do. Plus John riffs on the concept of “gravity” and how he can be used as a “force for good.”

The Other “F” Word Podcast #3 – Boeing and “Gravity” (Jan 27, 2021)

About The Other “F” Word Podcast:

My co-author John Danner and I keep episodes brief, fun, and pithy; we promise to disagree regularly with one another in pursuit of “truth;” and we will offer up plenty of calls-to-action and insights to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the types of aha moments that inspire positive change in general.

New episodes come out at least once a month, and more frequently when the feeling and muse moves us.

Watch them all on YouTube here.

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