The Other “F” Word Podcast #6: USA’s failing infrastructure, and J&J’s vaccine issues (video)

In this episode:

– Mark raises America’s embarrassing, ongoing failing infrastructure, with some suggestions on how to pay for it. Not necessarily tax increases, but rather equitable tax reform.

– John discusses several failures at drug company Johnson & Johnson relating to their vaccine, from the manufacturing contamination issue to the on-again/off-again/on-again approval.

– Which leads us to a discussion of how organizations should think about their different types of “Failure Zones,” ranging from “No-Fail” zones such as pharmaceutical manufacturing lines (see J7J discussion) to areas of the business where failures should be expected as the organization tries new things and innovates.

– Finally, we revisit one or two failures from prior episodes, including Boeing which seems to move almost seamlessly these days from one failure to the next.


“The Other ‘F’ Word” podcast is a collaboration of Mark Coopersmith and John Danner, co-authors of the pioneering and best-selling book of the same name (2015, Wiley), providing examples, debate, coping strategies, insights and value from failures of all types. Currently available on YouTube, and soon on other podcast platforms.

We keep our episodes brief at about 10 minutes each, fun, and pithy; promise to disagree regularly with one another in pursuit of “truth;” and will offer up plenty of calls-to-action and insights to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the types of aha moments that inspire positive change in general. New episodes come out at least once a month, and more frequently when the feeling and events move us.

For more on us, see our book:

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