The Other “F” Word Podcast #7: Experimentation, & RIP Mr. Post-It Notes (video)

The Other “F” Word Podcast #7: Experimentation, & RIP Mr. Post-It Notes (May 2021)

The Other F Word podcast gives examples, debate, coping strategies, insights and value from failures of all types. The podcast is available on YouTube, and soon on other podcast platforms.

In this episode, Episode #7, we discuss:

– The importance of experimentation to drive innovation and change, and the role that having a healthy relationship with failure has in the way we process the outcomes of all of these experiments, and especially business experiments.

– And we pay our respects to Spencer Silver, who passed away this month at 80. He is the 3M scientist who invented the non-curing adhesive that eventually was applied to pads of paper and created the entire Post-It Notes category (and plenty of knockoffs).


We keep our episodes brief, fun, and pithy; promise to disagree regularly with one another in pursuit of “truth;” and will offer up plenty of calls-to-action and insights to accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the types of aha moments that inspire positive change in general. New episodes come out at least once a month, and more frequently when the feeling and events move us.

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