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Top Keynote! THE OTHER “F” WORD: Failure, and How the Successful Put It To Work

In our relentless quest for innovation and growth, there’s one strategic resource that most organizations create every day. Yet few of us use its power and potential to our advantage. That resource is failure–or, as incorporated in the title of my recent book, ‘The Other F Word.’ Even for those enlightened leaders who recognize that the secrets to their future success may lie in today’s failures, most don’t know how to effectively leverage failure to spur innovation, drive growth and create more engaged employees. This provocative keynote provides leaders and teams with practical insights, examples, and tools to quickly and effectively put failure to work.

Highlights of the “F” word talk include:

  • Culture: Begin productive conversations about failure, moving it from taboo to the table. Reduce the fear of failure which stifles innovation, growth, and engagement.
  • Operations: Anticipate failure and respond to it productively. Understand different types of “failure zones” across your organization, and what to do about them.
  • Results: Leverage failure to drive innovation, growth, increased employee engagement, overall financial performance, and organizational resilience.

Be sure to inquire about copies of The Other “F” Word: How Smart Teams, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work for all event attendees.

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