Changing the “Static Quo” in Your Organization – a recipe for leaders and teams

Instead of calling the work reality we each deal with every day the “status quo,” perhaps it would be better referred to as the “static quo.” That’s because change is hard, and many organizations seem to be set up to stifle innovation and hinder change wherever possible. All this despite the loud and frequent proclamations of organization leaders about driving innovation and growth.

Unlocking Failure’s Grip On the “Static Quo” In Your Organization

Why is this so? Read on for an introduction to a “Change This” Manifesto that John and I wrote addressing this particular issue:

Ask yourself: why is it so few organizations ever achieve performance even remotely close to their potential, much less that of their aspirations? Why is it so few organizations succeed through their second or third generation of leadership? Why are so few workplaces truly “great places to work”?

Is it because their leaders are stupid, their people incompetent, or their strategies inept? Did all those executives running formerly dominant companies such as Blackberry, Nokia, RadioShack or Kodak never get the memo about The Innovator’s Dilemma? Is it simply not possible for most organizations to do fundamentally better? Or is all this just a matter of bad luck or fate, or the natural consequence of business Darwinism?

We don’t think so. A big part of the answer is that most organizations and the executives who run them don’t recognize, respect or leverage the reality and potential of the one resource every organization and management team create every day: failure—the other ‘F’ word.

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