Professor Coopersmith was extremely effective!

Professor Coopersmith was extremely effective at challenging us, guiding discussions and providing insights and advice about our work and projects. He created a class atmosphere that was open, collaborative and supportive. We learned from one another in addition to his lectures and workshop activities, and the amazing guests he brought into the classroom.

Learning entrepreneurship is about giving ideas a chance!

Learning entrepreneurship shouldn’t have you stuck in a classroom listening to lectures and discussing cases and business plans; it is truly about giving ideas a chance to succeed or fail quickly, and learning from that. That’s exactly what Professor Coopersmith taught me!

The best course ever!

Overall an amazing experience. The best course I have ever taken.

This program was amazing!

This program was amazing. And Mark was brilliant in the way he connected all of the dots.

Best class ever

Best class ever to start up a startup!

Mark inspired

I enjoyed every class! I loved the interactivity and the motivational drive Mark inspired for starting your own company.

Hands-down the best course I’ve had at UC Berkeley

This was hands-down the best course I’ve had at UC Berkeley. Really gave me insights into Silicon Valley and its startup culture. I learned a ton, and the learning was far–reaching.

Super energetic, very funny

He is super energetic, very funny, and still manages to convey topics effectively and seriously. Brings a great atmosphere into class. It was great that he shared personal experiences. He sees the global picture.

Motivated and showed high energy

He was always prepared, put a lot of effort in the course, was motivated and showed high energy. Really appreciated it!  He is also a very funny guy!

This was a great class!

This was a great class! I loved the project-based learning approach, and how real the products became by the end!

He cared about us

Conversational way of lecturing that engaged with students. Just as importantly, he cared about us as people first, students second.

99th percentile!

One of the best professors I’ve had in all my time at UC Berkeley. 99th percentile! Extremely knowledgeable subject matter expert plus a great communicator and teacher.

Transform your organization

The Other ‘F’ Word profiles how to transform your organization…

Start putting this book to work

Start putting this book to work before you make another move—if you want to succeed.

Great working session!

What a great lecture and working session…

Very inspiring!

Your ideas, energy and interactive approach were very inspiring! …

CEO, global logistics company

Thanks for delivering such an interesting and valuable keynote address and breakout session…


Our entire leadership team was really moved and motivated by the time we spent with you. You awoke a sleeping giant within our organization!


Your talk yesterday in front of such a large group at our headquarters was truly exceptional… above all the topic and your approach resonated…