Advance Praise for the Upcoming Book “The Other ‘F’ Word”

Mark and his UC Berkeley colleague, John Danner, are preparing to release The Other “F Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work in March–about how you can leverage the power of failure to drive innovation and accelerate growth in your organization.


“Great innovators don’t fear failure. They build on it. In this pragmatic guide, Danner and Coopersmith tell you how to think about failure in a positive way—and use it to create value.”  —WALTER ISAACSON, President Aspen Institute, former Chairman/CEO CNN, bestselling biographer

“Danner and Coopersmith show you how to change your relationship with failure. Start putting this book to work before you make another move—if you want to succeed.”  —GUY KAWASAKI, startup guru and business evangelist

“Whether you’re a hardened CEO or a rising star, don’t overlook failure. It might point the way to your next high-impact venture or where you ought to pivot. Danner and Coopersmith have translated their decades of experience with startup, mid-size, and global businesses into a practical and creative executive’s guide.”  —LINDA ROTTENBERG, cofounder and CEO, Endeavor, author

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“This book offers valuable perspective and an excellent guide to Silicon Valley’s unique global advantage: acceptance and embrace of failure. It tells you ‘everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask’ about failure—and success.”  —VIVEK WADHWA, Stanford, Duke and Singularity University

“Executives today need the no-nonsense, practical insights The Other “F” Word delivers on how you can leverage failure to inform and even inspire your organization. And since failure knows no boundaries, this book promises to be a vital resource for intelligent leaders everywhere.” —TAMMY ERICKSON, London Business School fellow, award-winning author

“A lifetime in high-risk environments has taught me that failure can be an extraordinarily rich source of success. So take Danner and Coopersmith’s spot-on advice: Don’t just fail, learn. Don’t just learn, grow. The Other “F” Word shows you how, with a great deal to offer even the most canny executives.” —SCOTT DELMAN, Tony Award-winning producer, The Book of Mormon

“Being afraid to fail means you’ll be afraid to try. Playing it safe gets you nowhere. That’s why the Lean Startup embraces failure as a key resource. Whether entrepreneur or executive, you can use this essential book to harness failure to get the results you want.” —STEVE BLANK, father of the Lean Startup movement

Stay tuned here for a downloadable excerpt.

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