Mark Coopersmith, Author of The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work

Mark Coopersmith is an author, educator, speaker, and advisor. He has spent three decades launching, building, and fixing high growth organizations, and understanding and teaching the most effective ways leaders can attain the results they seek.

Mark makes innovation and entrepreneurship accessible to all. A Fortune 500 executive (EVP at Sony), entrepreneur (Google owns one of his Silicon Valley startups) and an award-winning professor at UC Berkeley, Mark combines his real world examples and pragmatic insights with new and evolving frameworks (the 7 Stage Failure Value Cycle) and practical tools to help leaders and their teams drive innovation, growth, and resilient organizations and cultures.

 The GM of a major public utility summed up his leadership team’s retreat with Mark this way: “Our team was really moved by the time we spent with you. I feel we’ve now woken a sleeping giant – a great problem to have in these uncertain times.” 

As Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship – and the Institute for Business Innovation – Mark teaches current and future leaders while also advising boards, leaders and teams on their toughest questions: How to accelerate innovation? Drive growth? Deliver sustainable outcomes? His clients range from early and growth-stage ventures to global enterprises such as Intel and DirecTV.

From thought-provoking new approaches and frameworks such as those outlined in his book “The Other ‘F’Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams , and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work,” to pragmatic “ground level” advice on execution and communication, Mark helps organizations and their leaders challenge the “static quo” and attain their full potential.


The Other F WordIn your ongoing search for innovation and growth and better results you will almost certainly encounter failures. How do you minimize the impact of these failures on your organization and – more importantly – take advantage of the valuable information contained in those failures to help you arrive at your desired outcomes?   Mark and his co-author, John Danner, share insights on how to do just that, drawing on exclusive interviews with leaders of organizations of all sizes, types and stages.

This research led Mark and John to create a powerful framework and tool in their practical 7-stage Failure Value Cycle (FVC). The FVC helps leaders and organizations avoid failure in the first place, recognize it earlier, reduce its impact, deal with it better when it happens (which it will), and leverage it to drive stronger performance.

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