SPOTANGELS dubbed the “Waze for Parking”

The idea for SPOTANGELS was developed by Hamza Chahdi during one of my Learn2Launch classes in the Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program at UC Berkeley.


SpotAngels is now available on the App Store and Play Store and has been featured by Apple and Google as among the best apps of the year, but I remember the day when Hamza and one of his co-founders were quite late to meet with me to discuss a parking application they were working on.

It turns out they had parked in a spot that was legal when they parked, but became a tow-away zone during the afternoon commute, and their car had been towed. Having to pay that ticket plus all the fees to get their car back really motivated them to come up with a better solution. It took several iterations, and now Hamza and the SpotAngels team have some serious momentum.

Check out the write up in Berkeleyside:

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