Mark is a Senior Fellow and Faculty Director at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business where he teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership to graduate students and executives from around the world.

Image of Mark Coopersmith with international students in the Learn2Launch@Berkeley program
With international students in the Learn2Launch@Berkeley program

Graduate Education at UC Berkeley:

An award-winning entrepreneurship professor, Mark teaches the Workshop for Startups course at Haas from which many new ventures have been launched, ranging from heathcare to energy, social media to travel, and fashion to medical devices. The students work in teams to develop creative and financially sustainable approaches to addressing intractable problems ranging from global poverty to sanitation in slums, from rural healthcare to refugee education.

With teams of students with deep social and environmental missions in Cal’s Masters of Development Program.

Mark also co-teaches the pioneering course “The Other ‘F’ Word” which investigates how a more productive relationship with failure can drive innovation, growth and long-term success.  This course produced insights which were incorporated in the John Wiley and Sons book “The Other ‘F’ Word,” which Mark co-authored with his colleague John Danner.

Mark is the founding Faculty Director and Lead Instructor for the Learn2Launch@Berkeley intensive entrepreneurship program which welcomes grad students from around the world to spend an intensive semester in Berkeley, exploring entrepreneurship, product/market fit, business models, new venture finance, and teamwork and leadership. This program has produced dozens of startups that continue to grow globally.

Finally, Mark mentors aspiring student entrepreneurs and teams in programs such as Nasdaq’s “Milestone Makers” and UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck.

Praise for Mark’s Graduate Education Classes:

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Mark’s classroom at UC Berkeley

“Learning entrepreneurship shouldn’t have you stuck in a classroom listening to lectures and discussing cases and business plans; it is truly about giving ideas a chance to succeed or fail quickly, and learning from that. That’s exactly what Professor Coopersmith taught me!”           – Learn2Launch international student

“I am coming back to San Francisco to pursue my dream.  I hope you keep being just as passionate about everything you do, and keep infecting the rest of us like you infected me.  That’s a remarkable feature about you!”  – International grad student (and yes, he came back to San Francisco!)

“Professor Coopersmith was extremely effective at challenging us, guiding discussions and providing insights and advice about our work and projects. He created a class atmosphere that was open, collaborative and supportive. We learned from one another in addition to his lectures and workshop activities, and the amazing guests he brought into the classroom.”  –Haas MBA student

Executive Education

In addition to his work with graduate students at Berkeley and around the world, Mark is highly sought after as a faculty director and leader of executive education programs ranging from one day to two weeks and longer.

Mark Coopersmith Executive Education
At Google with executives from SE Asia (note Stan the Dinosaur in the background serving as a reminder what happens if you don’t innovate and evolve)

Representative seminars and executive education programs Mark runs include:

Startup Bootcamp for Executives: 

What is it really like to launch a startup?  This program provides corporate executives with hands-on experience and first-person insights into launching a startup: learning entrepreneurial skills and techniques such as “customer discovery” to test product market fit; employing tools such as the “Business Model Canvas;” and investigating what the entrepreneurial mindset is really all about in areas such as managing risks.

The 3 Pillars of Corporate Entrepreneurship:  

How can you successfully bring entrepreneurial thinking, action and value creation into a large enterprise? This program introduces an integrated three stage model – with examples from Mark’s years doing just this – to help ensure strategic, alignment, stakeholder management and effective execution. Can be combined with other programs, including Startup Bootcamp, for a deeper, more immersive and comprehensive program.

The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work (from Mark’s recent book with John Danner): 

The most successful leaders understand that – in spite of our efforts to the contrary – failures occur often and can often be turned into a resource that can help drive innovation, growth and high-performing teams. They understand how to limit failure’s damage, react effectively when it occurs, and extract insights to create even bigger successes. This program unlocks the secrets of such leaders, including sharing a pioneering 7-stage “Failure Value Cycle,” helping participants learn how to “put failure to work.”

Learn2Launch: taking a venture from idea through launch (from 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on program) through an intensive, immersive, and hands-on approach to the study of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Plus shorter programs and talks on the following topics (see “Speaking” for more)

  • Launching Successful Startups: The Silicon Valley Perspective
  • The Mystique and Reality of the Entrepreneurial MindsetAt Cal, with executives from Brazil.
  • Can Entrepreneurship be Taught? (Hint: you bet it can!)
  • An Insider’s History of Silicon Valley
  • Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Connecting Innovation with Value Creation
  • Leading Innovation: From the R&D Center to Open Innovation
  • Innovating Your Business Model

Highlighted praise for Mark’s Executive Education courses:

Mark Coopersmith John Danner The Other F Word Workshop
With students and co-author and fellow teacher John Danner at UC Berkeley

“I attended the ‘Startup Mindset’ course you conducted last week at UC Berkeley. I wanted to let you know I was really surprised, as this turned out to be the most engaging and practical learning experience I’ve ever had on this complex and esoteric subject of Entrepreneurship’.     – Exec Ed Program Attendee 

“The  knowledge and the experience Mark shared with us was invaluable. We applied the recommendations as soon as we got back to the office and the results are amazing. Part of our success belongs to Mark.”  – President, Canadian energy utility

 “Mark’s Insider Entrepreneurship course was fantastic . It helped me understand what I need to do to move my organization and team away from old habits and move towards best practices of an entrepreneurial company. An  insightful, and highly collaborative experience.”  – CEO, multinational professional services and consulting company

Contact Mark here for more about Executive Education programs.