Winners and Losers in the Age of Automation (Video)

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. Computers make decisions on their own and their logic now evolves and improves without human intervention. Robots operate independently. Our homes and cars and cities are increasingly connected and automated. The definition of “reality” blurs when we add the suffixes “virtual” or ‘augmented.”

If you think technology-driven change has been dramatic over the past decade, just wait. Essential foundations have been laid in computing speed, data science and storage, wireless connectivity, material science, and robotics that presage exponentially more and faster change, from artificial intelligence and machine learning to connected homes and cities, to on-demand manufacturing.

In this wide-ranging and provocative talk, punctuated with videos and demos, I provide an overview of the current and impending wave of massive change, including implications for individuals, businesses, entire sectors, and even countries and regions.

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